Museum's mission

 “George Enescu” National Museum is a public cultural institution, under the authority of the Romanian Ministry of Culture.

“George Enescu” National Museum reunites the donations made by George Enescu and his family, to the Romanian state and to the museum itself: Cantacuzino Palace and the Memorial House in Bucharest, the Memorial House in Sinaia - “Luminiş” Villa, the Memorial House in Tescani.

Our mission is to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of the institution and to highlight George Enescu’s work and cultural inheritance.

“George Enescu” National Museum’s activity follows the principles of all museum institutions, including scientific research, conservation, developing and presenting to the public the movable and the immovable heritage of the museum, promoting the general access to culture, with a view to providing educational and recreational services to all visitors.

“George Enescu” National Museum hosts permanent exhibitions in all its locations – Bucharest, Sinaia, Tescani, presenting the life and work of the greatest Romanian musician, as well as temporary exhibitions, on various subjects.

According to its special profile, “George Enescu” National Museum supports, through the institution’s permanent cultural programmes, the Romanian and international musical compositions, as well as the interpretative art.

In this regard, the museum organises, during the whole year, a musical season of rich diversity of the repertory and of the invited artists.

“George Enescu” National Museum is also co-organiser of the prestigious “George Enescu” International Festival, to which contributes with widely appreciated events.

Our institution is also developing educational programmes targeting the young public, aiming to bring the visitor closer to the music, with the help of a special environment and in a stimulating manner.

Every year, the Memorial House in Tescani hosts an international summer residence for visual artists, one of the few events of its kind in Romania, bringing together both Romanian and foreign artists, internationally recognized.

Last, but not least, “George Enescu” National Museum supports an important research programme on George Enescu’s work, issuing, periodically, specialized publications, mainly for professionals, but also for the general public.